I have had the pleasure of placing my vision and design for faux finish and murals in the talented hands of two unbelievably talented artists.

They inexplicably can translate my ideas and meld it with theirs and the end product is nothing less than beautiful. Faux painting and mural floors, walls, and ceilings become works of art and truly can showcase the legacy of the home owner or business.


Transform Your Home

Faux paintings and murals are adding glamour and style to homes in the great state of Texas. You can completely transform your Sugar Land or First Colony home, with the help of Grand Windows.

Create an ambience that tells your guests a little bit about your style and taste, using faux paintings and murals. Floors, ceilings and walls are instantly transformed, creating a style that is totally unique to you.

Each painting and mural featured in our gallery already has a home in a city near you. Grand Windows is bringing homes to life, in Rosenberg, Fort Bend, and surrounding counties.

Stylize Your Business Premises

At Grand Windows, we understand the importance of customer impressions. That is why, as part of our own business model, we are dedicated to helping our customers create unique and welcoming styles.

Our business customers in Katy, Richmond, Greatwood, and Fulshear have employed the services of Grand Windows to provide eye catching paintings and murals, which create a relaxed and welcoming environment.

Business premises in Sienna Plantation, Riverstone, Long Meadow Farms, and Missouri City have also used our paintings and murals to great effect. Customers and business owners alike are amazed by the vibrancy that the right paintings or murals can bring to an office space.

All paintings and murals are tailored to different tastes, so that you can easily create a style that best represents you and your business.