David’s Story

Ft. Bend resident, David says, “We needed the perfect designer to showcase our new 5000 square foot home with all its window features. At Grand Windows & Interiors Caron and Joni drew up concepts and showed us fabrics and we loved their inspired ideas for our transitional style. Perhaps the best example is the window in our great room. Caron [...]

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Jude and Andrea Oogle Story

When Jude and Andrea Oogle wanted to create a dramatic window treatment, they turned to Caron. Jude says, “I manage a small business banking group and one of the small business bankers knew Caron very well. They were both members of a BNI group and she spoke very highly of Caron’s work. We looked at their website and it [...]

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The Elaine Dennis Story

When Elaine Dennis found a picture of the “bathroom of her dreams,” the first thing she did was show it to her husband, Mark. Then she started looking for a local designer who could make her dream a reality. She says, “Grand Windows and Interiors was recommended to us by friends. You really want someone you trust to come [...]

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Brenda and John Gillespie Story

Brenda and John Gillespie didn’t want to wait until they moved into their new home to get the perfect window dressings. Brenda says, “When I came across an ad for GrandWindows and Interiors in UpClose Magazine, I called Caron. She came out while the house was still under construction and measured all the windows. Working off the only thing I [...]

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Kristen Patrenina Story

Tall windows are an amazing focal point in any room...but they can be daunting to dress! Kristen Patrenina says, “We have floor to ceiling high windows in our living room and dining room. I knew they would be difficult to fit with curtains...and I was clueless how to begin. Teresa Staley, a faux painter I use, highly recommended Caron [...]

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Mr. Tanny Busby

“My friends know that 7:30-10pm is my “T-time,” when Tanny and I relax together in our home theater room.” Tanny adds, “I like to patronize local businesses. We used Home Theater Evolutions for our electronics, and they recommended Grand Windows and Interiors for our window treatments...but that was just the beginning of our relationship with Caron and Candelario Lopez!” Tanny [...]

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Dr. John’s Story

When Dr. Johns was moving Millennium Women’s Healthcare to the Memorial Hermann Office Building on the Katy Freeway, he and his wife needed the office furniture reupholstered. Mrs. Johns says, “I contacted the company we used previously, but they told me that it wasn’t possible to do the work in only ten days. I looked [...]

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Valentine’s Days Gone By, Relived and Renewed

As a grade school girl, I can remember the anticipation of Valentine’s Day. We decorated our little white bags with red doilies and glitter and set them on our desks waiting for the special valentines from our classmates. My second grade teacher brought a wall of the antique brass post office boxes, [...]

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Holiday Festivities True to Heart

Christmas, in all its glory, rests in the hearts of those who endear the Christmas scripture: a story of love, giving and inspiration. Make this Christmas holiday a Once Upon a Christmas story for your family. Simply the greatest gift you can give your family is the love you can share as you slow [...]

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Ready… Set… No?

Making your home a “Beautiful Home for the Holidays” Has your remodeling project taken on that queue each time – starting with motivation and then, ending up on a holiday wish list that did not materialize for another year? September is the jump start month to get those jobs planned, contracted, and [...]

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